Colin Brough

   "I hate big workout clubs and can’t seem to stick with home exercises. Yet, I’ve been training with Colin for over a year now. I  like the personal attention, the intimate atmosphere, and the variety  of routines - a mix of strength, cardio, and stretching (with a little  bit of yoga mixed in). Colin challenges me while keeping me safe. Every session is different which keeps me interested. I can feel that I am getting stronger and have more endurance." 

Naomi Slifkin 

Gayle Silver

"I would recommend Gayle without hesitation. I have complete trust  that she will meet the needs of my clients in a safe and effective way.   Gayle and I have collaborated on numerous occasions over the past 6  years and communicate frequently about the best way to address injuries  or imbalances in the body or just help improve overall health and  wellness for our mutual clients.  I can be certain that Gayle will offer  each of my clients a complete program that will build strength, improve  balance, correct muscle imbalance, and improve core strength and  stability.  Gayle is also great to talk to and makes every client feel  motivated to do his or her best!"

Patricia Pinto 

Structural Integration Practitioner 

"In the past three years, I have been exercising consistently for the first  time in my life. Gayle Silver has been the reason. Training with Gayle  is a pleasure--she is encouraging, positive, knowledgeable, and  energetic. Plus, she's simply a great person! In our time together, my  fitness has improved so much. I used to dread any physical challenge,  which would leave me huffing and puffing, red faced, knees aching. No  more. Now I can hike in the mountains, keep up with young people  speeding through city streets, kayak, swim in the ocean. Gayle is the  best trainer in the Chapel Hill area!" 

Lynn York 

Writer and Publisher 

Lauren Stewart

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